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REQ Advanced use of regex tagger

I'm not sure how it is in your translationary life but in mine, I often get follow up projects where more or less all I have to do is to replace a text string with a variable:

In client supplied TM:

The super machine ABC will be shipped ...

My task, replace ABC with a tag:

The super machine <x1/> will be shipped ...

Would a F/R in the TM with the regex tagger be possible?

Probably some duplication feature would be necessary, in order to keep the long forms too.

Am I making things too complex here and Igor's life too hard? With my crazy ideas TM

I surely don't hope so!

PS I miss Michael in this forum ;)

Michael was last seen at :)

I miss his contributions in this forum as well.

Is your TM free of of tags, otherwise there is always a risk with F&R.


Yeah, he's a convert. He's now making suggestions to make memoQ as good as CafeTran ;).

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