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Q (and REQ): Maintaining tag numbers

This is a topic that's a little bit hard to describe.

It's about not reordering the tags.

Example: ("transfer all remaining tags" is activated)

In this example, I only reused the underscore tags. And Grid looks perfect after moving to another segment.

But, when I'm back to this segment to do something, the tags are reordered.

The final result on Grid is:

Any tips?

(This is an example from an sdlxliff file, so formatting via the context menu is not available)



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When you create a project in CafeTran, the program has the ability to apply the formatting via the context menu instead of transferring the tags. In case of sdlxfiff files created in another tool, formatting via the context menu is not possible yet so you need to transfer the tags from the source segment to the target segment. When editing the current segment, CafeTran keeps the internal count of the tags starting from 1 in order to maintain the tags agreement between the source and the target. Breaking this agreement as you did in the screenshot is possible but there is a danger that some important tags may be missing when you open the translated file in Studio. That is why CafeTran takes the safe route counting the tags from 1 and lets the user decide as he edits the segment.


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