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Prepare an at least 10x microscope!

There are so many new challenges on Windows. Don't forget to take your microscope when setting to work. Because you're going to dive into the world of the ants.

Learn to depend on yourself!

Don't worry ... irritation would keep you young.

I updated 2 of my VMs with Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and I must say that things are looking much better on my Retina screen now. Do you also use Windows 10?

Yes, I'm using Win10. And this screenshot is of a Retina MBP + Parallels (default scaling of 200%).


Hi M,

The font size in this panel is the same as the font size in the Autoassembling panel in the latest update so it should be larger now.


Thank you very much!

Regarding the other big issue of JRE not supporting certain OpenType Japanese fonts, I think I have to wait for Oracle to take some action.

And additional thanks to the larger font size of the auto-completion panel.

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