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CafeTran on macOS Sierra

The public beta for macOS Sierra is available now:

You can download it and install it on an external drive to test whether CafeTran will run on macOS Sierra.

Who has time and fun to do this?

The thing is not who has got the time, the thing is that Igor should have downloaded the Gold developers version, so he could inform us.

Downloading the public version as we speak.


Siri, open Microsoft Word! And then the OS froze ... 

End of experiment.

CT seems to work OK under macOS Sierra. I couldn't test it thoroughly because I installed it on a partition of another HDD so I'd need another licence. Siri didn't work for CT, but it did work for  apps, and MS Word.


Mac OS X Sierra is out. Any news about the compatibility of Cafetran?

I've installed it on my test computer last nite and hope to test it today -- but actually this is something that CafeTran 's seller should certify.

Looks like it works. Did a short test.

I've attached the PNG for the background colour Coffee

>I've attached the PNG for the background colour Coffee

Here it is.
(1.44 KB)

Without asking, macOS Sierra changed quite a lot of paths, because of the location of the Desktop and Documents folder in the iCloud folder. Very funny for VMs (not!). See also:

...macOS Sierra changed quite a lot of paths... Are you very sure? H.
F reshdesk
a question to those who have installed Sierra and use Parallels: is everything working fine? Is it safe now to install Sierra on my working Mac?


No problems on my MBP.

Cafetran works on macOS Sierra but it's instable. Maybe this has something to do with Java (last version installed here) but sometimes when you open a file selector window on Cafetran, the multicolored wheel starts to spin and Cafetran is unresponsive.

When it happens, Chrome freezes too, followed by the Finder. Often a hard reset is needed.

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