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Mysterious tags and double spaces in Studio file

When proofreading a Studio file, I stumbled upon some tags and double spaces. See below:

QA is unable to find these double spaces. 

But Studio does not show/have these double spaces and it does not even show these tags (default setting: all tags are visible).

The file saved with CT behaves perfect in Studio, no problem to reimport it etc. 

But anyway this is highly irritating.

What do you see when you open the SDLXLIFF in TextWrangler and navigate to 'ben und unten'?

Exactly this:

From this point of view, CT behaves right. But neither Studio nor memoQ show a tag, so why should CT. And it is unable to find the double spaces with QA (and there are several dozens of this case in the file).

I assume these double spaces lead to unnecessary double spaces in the target file (I did not test this out). So the best way would perhaps be that CT is able to locate these double spaces. And I did not test out what happens when I delete one of these tags, but I suppose the file will get broken.

Not offering this as a solution but as a work-around:

>And it is unable to find the double spaces with QA

Use a regular expression to search for \s\s\z (where \z represents the end of the segment)?

Perhaps you'll have to search for special spaces. You can use Edit > Unicode character to identify them.

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