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A new and TM-Town feature

Hi everyone, and TM-Town are introducing a new feature #nowxl8ing (“Now translating”) that enables translators to share with other translators descriptions of the projects they are currently working on. You can use #nowxl8ing to share experiences with colleagues, to keep a personal record of the projects you have worked on, and optionally to develop a track record over time. 


I am working on the API for this service to be included in CafeTran. The CafeTran beta version for brave testers is here:


Just drag and drop the Cafetran.jar file on the dashboard to update.


This feature is displayed in the optional service tab (the green button  called "What are you working on right now?). 


After posting the #nowxl8ing message, it can be seen at the home  page after posting it.


Thanks for testing!


You forgot the best: that all Plus members now have free access to the IATE glossaries (when Henk started making and selling them, I bought them directly from him).


Here's a nice item in the Proz Plus basket:




>but do we really wish the computers did almost everything for us?

Only the stupid, very boring tasks. Like placing tags in a stupidly segmented SDLXLIFF project, that is contained in CafeTran's TM, but requires clicking 3 times in everyone of 600 segments.

Meaning: automation should allow us to focus on and enjoy the creative part of translating, the playing around with language.

No, new directions meant a flood of new and maybe different support requests and wishs beyond the actual state (maybe another kind of user type will come up, with other expectations).

Thank you Torsten! New directions? Hmm. Neural networks technology is fascinating and I can't resist experimenting with it but do we really wish the computers did almost everything for us?

Congrats. Smart move. This might take CT into new directions, I hope everything will go well.

Thank you here and there.


Congratulations Igor

One day to go.

Tomorrow we'll know.

Perhaps we can soon win a car?

Well, let's wait and see when they'll go public with this newz. I bet that Igor's adding some new interesting features as we speak.

From an ethical and an economical point of view, I am not a big fan of Proz. Indeed, I found some good clients there and it helped to raise a part of my business, but many things have become worse in the last years.

From the point of view of CT, it is logical – Proz has a big community (also many passive members, like me) to promote a tool. But the typical Proz member – I guess – won't be willing to fiddle around with these workarounds and very custom settings that CT (still) has, but he/she may be a friend of user-friendly assistants and wizards (of convenience). And of a good help file.

>That means hundreds even thousands of new CafeTran users \ That could have advantages like: more revenues that would allow an investment in documentation and videos with spoken comments, the necessity to freeze the user interface, continuity for the next couple of years, better visibility and acceptance by LSPs, etc.

Exactly my thoughts. CafeTran will possibly be the CAT tool bundled with ProZ Pro+ membership. That means hundreds even thousands of new CafeTran users. A great tool by a great developer but without a help file. "Support team" will be busy, "development team" will be busy too. Good luck Igor :)


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