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REQ: Navigation – staying where you are after filtering (and a bug)

This has partly been discussed, but some navigation behaviors are irritating.

After filtering the segments, the grid jumps back where you have been before. In many cases I am filtering the segments and need to have a look at the context. But CT sends me elsewhere after cancelling the filter.

The workaround (searching the segments without filtering) is not always a feasible alternative. Example: only a very frequent word in source and target segment.

And the bug?

Doing this (searching a text without filtering and clicking on the segment's number) in a project with several docs leads to the Export dialogue popping up. No chance to come to this segment and to see it in its context.

I'm frequently working in a filtered view of Studio projects where I only see the untranslated segments. At the same time I make global corrections to the project and TM. And then ... my view with the untranslated segments is gone. Would be nice on ice to have a solution for polution.

Long time ago, I requested a feature to reset the Grid display after filtering or F(&R) operations on PS/PT.

Could it solve your problems?

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