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REQ: Bilingual file features

There are several features for the bilingual table export files missing. Some of them have already been requested a bit ago.

  • correct setting of the target cells' language (depending from the target language in CT) and exclusion of the source cells from spell check, and this independent from the language settings of the source file – this does not work
  • if this won't be implemented, have a three-column first row (as e.g. Déjà Vu has) to simply mark columns, copy them or to change language or spell check status (exclude/include) – with the actual table format this is quite difficult
  • uncolored tables / stripe or dot in the relevant color only to easier print them out – see here
  • marking of document titles if several docs are glued (without breaking the table structure) – see here

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For the problem of excluding the source cells from spell checking, there's an easy workaround: Just mark the target column and then perform the spell check.



Nope. Not if you tend to click besides the spell check window to correct something, and especially not for bigger docs, when selection even becomes arbitrary (including a source cell without any reason).

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