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Reimport of CT projects

Typical work flow:

1. Export of a project as package (to finalize, continue or proofread it on a 2nd machine)
2. Open it on the 2nd machine and export it again (or simply leave it „as is“)
3. To continue working on the first machine means:

3a. eventually unzip the ctp file (after renaming it)

3b. copy the xlf to the project folder and replace the elder file (or to rename the elder file and move the newer file)

3c. drag the newer project file on CT and to continue working on this file, but this file is not at the original file location (am I right?)

Additional potential problems

- if I worked on the file myself: move all segments to the TM

- if I did not work on the file myself: have no idea about the changes


- procedure to reimport packages directly (no unzipping etc., see above)

- including the creation of back-up xlf files (not simply overwriting)

- optional marking of changed segments (but not those that were empty before) with the "alternative segments" feature (and shortcuts to discard/restore these alternative translations) 

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