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Deleted soft/hard returns after bilingual reimport

After correcting and proofreading my project (based on a xlsx file) I reimported the bilingual file and voilà – all soft and hard returns have been deleted. About 300 segments have been changed this way.

This means:

- the whole layout of the xlsx file is puzzled

- I can reinsert about 500 returns by hand (some segments have several returns).

This is not serious, is it?

Is there any way to quickly accept / revert alternative  translations or to undo an import?

In the end I did a reimport and new translation of the xls, but due to the rather limited pretranslation capacities really time-consuming and annoying.

As a temporary solution: would Finding and Replacing soft and hard returns with readable and unique characters in the XLSX prior to translating it have helped?

Well, I do not think that changing the source is the best solution (at least not here).

The best solution at the moment is to keep a copy of the exported bilingual file to avoid this kind of bad surprises.

Another issue (before this one) was that with the import of an earlier version where someone filled out empty cells in the bilingual file led to this:

These alternative segments only have an OK and a Cancel button, but no Delete button.

It would be nice to make the handling of alternative target segments more flexible, also to delete them just with one click.

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