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Unable to translate Studio project with CT - path problem?

 Hi Igor,

I had a Studio project last week, which I was planning to translate in CT, but was forced instead to translate in Studio.

After opened the project package in CT, the label on the tab for the (customer) TM was "en-GB", and every few segments CT asked me if I wanted to save changes to en-GB (I'm afraid I didn't record the exact message). If I clicked yes, it then opened a save TM dialog. I then clicked cancel. It was clear that segments were not being saved in the TM and I abandoned my attempt to translate in CT, having wasted a couple of hours of my time.

Now that I've had time to look into it, I suspect this behaviour is related to the fact that the path in the package file for the TM is "Tm\en-GB\Clientname deDE-enGB.sdltm". I guess that CT is assuming a flatter directory structure.

Could you please rectify this.



To make things a bit more clear, I think the Trados TM should look like this:


It would be nice to have the TM attached to a Trados package open with the above sane defaults.

Also, this should not interfere with ProjectTM (different naming).

Apart from that, the Translation Memory options should be well explained in the documentation/knowledge base as they are important for any CT workflow.

Does Frag Cons check work when Frag Mem isn't tick, überhaupt?

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