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Fuzzy match based on alternative translations?


I frequently translate documentation that contains a large number of source segments that are slight alterations of previous versions. These show up in the .xlf as "A" segments after the actual translation unit. Is there a way to have them show up as fuzzy matches?



Hi Alyssa,

Why exactly would you like the alternative translations show as the fuzzy matches? You can easily transfer the alternative translation to the target segment window via the right-click at the source segment pane and choosing the alternative translation.


Hi Igor,

For me it would be more of a convenience thing (just autofill all of them when there are hundreds and then go through and tweak). I understand that they principally differ from Fuzzy Matches though (in that they are based on previous versions of source segments), so at the same time I understand why this functionality doesn't exist. Just thought I'd check!

Thanks for your amazing customer service and great tool :)

Ah, BTW, when I right-click on the alternate translation in the source pane context menu, it doesn't copy into the target segment and then disappears from the menu itself. I've been manually selecting the A text and copying.

Hi Alyssa,

It should transfer the alternative translation from the menu to the target segment pane.


I just checked what would happen if I run the task Remove duplicates with same source, to keep the newest alternative translation. It indeed works.

Before cleaning:

After cleaning:

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