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REQ: Additional info / input fields for Statistics

Hereby I request some Additional info / input fields for Statistics feature (to be described in the next postings in this thread)

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This Statistics screen is great. I contains nearly everything I need. I often make a screenshot of it and save it in my project's folder, just to insert it later in my invoice:


It would even be greater if I'd have ONE extra input field in the Prefs for a price for Translated words (the 3634 in the image above):

Though I can imagine that others would like to have such a field for the Repeated words category too.

And to follow up with a question here, I'd also like to request an input field for Price per line. The number of characters (including spaces) per line should be user-definable, since it can var from 50 to 60 (50, 55, 60). Though other values are possible too (just never saw them).

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