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Hello again,

I searched the forum but could not find anything on setting more than the three properties in the project configuration. is there an option ton define more than three properties and/or to set up a pick list? Or am I still too focused on Trados/SDL?

Best regards


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Hi Nicolette,

you can set up a pick list for the Subject and, in theory (but apparently not in practice), Clients fields.
Goto Preferences -> Definitions.
There are two buttons: 'List of clients' and 'List of subjects'. Click on either to select the location of a text file containing the list of clients or subjects. You'll need to create the text files yourself beforehand.

I have a suspicion that some of the 'column name' options below may also be able to help you with your second question, but as they're completely undocumented, it remains just a suspicion.

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