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Modifying JRE for additional Japanese fonts on Windows

I've just migrated from Mac to Windows (don't ask me why), though there is a serious font-related issue with Japanese JRE (which I once thought was due to CT, but is not, because it also occurs with OmegaT).

The issue is poor support for Japanese fonts.

An OmegaT user reported:

My problem is:

Of course, this should look as follows (like on Mac):

I don't know if these two issues are due to the same cause, but at least the one reported by the OmegaT user seems to be very much talked about in Japan (a very popular issue [showing Oracle's tardiness]).

Now, I found a website describing a solution: modify the JRE.

1. In jre/lib/fonts, create a directory "fallback."

2. And install the desired Japanese fonts there and establish symbolic links, as follows.

# cd /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun/jre/lib/fonts/

# mkdir fallback

# cd fallback

# ln -s /usr/share/fonts/truetype/kochi/kochi-gothic.ttf

(The font name is an example. And maybe the SDK version must be changed.)

Don't ask my how to do this and if this works. This is just a copy-and-paste thing.

>Time for you to recognize the world is not owned by IT experts! // I really think that they have come a long way since input via punch cards and the time where bugs were real animals.

I don't know if this is possible, but I really appreciate it if CT could do this for me through a feature to "add new fonts" (hopefully both TrueType and OpenType fonts).

Okay, I won't ask. Isn't it nice that your preferred CAT tool works on Windows too?

Yes, so long as its appearance can be tailored to my taste.


I really don't understand what to do with the codes given above.

Hey, Oracle, why do I have to do this gibberish thing just to display the characters in the font I want them to be displayed in?

Time for you to recognize the world is not owned by IT experts!

I just found that TrueType fonts are supported by Java, though my favorite ones are OpenType.

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