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How do I disable auto-assembling?

Hello everyone,

I bought CT a few months ago and I am getting the hang of it. Love auto-completion but auto-assembling does nothing for me for the moment.

I have checked and unchecked all I could and change all kinds of numbers, but It still highlights short words like "or" and "and", etc. Can anybody tell me how to properly disable that feature for now. 

Thanks in advance.

On a per TM basis:

In the Menu, for all TMs:

Preferences | Options | Auto-Assembling, disable Automatic insertion of matches

The latter will still provide suggestions, but will stop inserting them.


Thanks woorden! Never thought of right clicking the actual panel.

However these options are not doing enough or doing too much. I don't want to SEE in the TM pane any suggestions for individual words (like "and" or "to", see photo). I just want to see suggestions for whole sentences. Just fuzzies, not those individual little hits that serve no purpose to me. I thought checking : "Fuzzies" in the "Memory matching type" menu would get rid of those little "hits".

And actually, in Edit > Preferences > Memory, from "Subsegment hit threshold" to "Fuzzy match threshold", I have very little clue as to what these mean. Is there a description of these options somewhere. It seems that a lot can be customized here for someone in the know and that it could solve my problem.

(81.5 KB)
>> I don't want to SEE in the TM pane any suggestions for individual words (like "and" or "to", see photo). I just want to see suggestions for whole sentences.

I don't think it's possible now because there's no option to say "No Thanks" to this feature of CafeTran. If you don't want to see them, you need to click on the number next to "Fragment" every time it appears, and delete it.

(Or just be courageous enough to ignore them because there are people who don't understand showing more is not always better than showing less).

>> Is there a description of these options somewhere

I wish so, too.


Thanks M,

I stopped messing with all those things. But, like an idiot I figured I would just set them back to what they were with the convenient "Reset" button, thinking just that pane would be reset! Duh. I lost all my settings everywhere in a massive nuclear wipe-out! (Yeah, I've saved them now).

But now for some reason the non-breakable space shortcut is broken and all my non breakable spaces have disappeared in my target segments... but that's going to be the subject of another thread :-(

Ok, never mind, got the non-breaking space to reappear. Think it's time for a break!

See here. You could try to increase the "Subsegment to virtual threshold" and "Subsegment minimal length" (Menu, Edit | Preferences | Memory) . For "Subsegment to virtual threshold", the value will have to be very high to exclude words like "or" and err, "and". And you may win some, and lose a lot.


Yes, thanks. I realise now that I might just let the machine do it's thing and live with it!

You can hide the colour marking in the Target segment pane by setting an appropriate colour, like white.

Thanks, I'm going to try to fiddle with that too.

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