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Lettered segments/ segments with no number


I'm working with a set of "glued .xlf files" containing a bunch of pre-translated material and new material to be amended and/or translated from scratch (it's user documentation). I have filtered the segments to only show untranslated segments.

What does it mean when there are yellow target segments labelled "A" with no corresponding source segments? 

Also, there are a lot of non-numbered segments where both the target and (blank) source are outlined in blue. Why is there no number for these? Sometimes they are exact matches of the previous segment, but not always.


Alas, your screenshot is too small for my eyes. Can it be that you're dealing with segment notes here?

There are also yellow segments with the old version of a segment when corrections have been imported from a bilingual review docx.

The yellow A labelled segments in the .xlf file are alternative translations. The outlined blue segments are the surrounding context of the current segment which you can turn on/off in Filter > Display current segment context.


Thanks! Sorry, I didn't realize the screenshot would appear so tiny.

OK, it does look like the "A" target segments correspond to an older version of the source segment that directly precedes them (i.e. where a fragment of the source was edited and then re-imported.) I'm not sure why the same "A" segment always repeats 3 or 4 times in a row though. 

If it helps, the original .xlf was created in Swordfish

Igor already answered your question.

Some additional info:

  • Via the Preferences of your TM you can set it so that only the newest translation for each and every TU will be stored in the TM.
  • To get rid of alternative translations in a legacy TM, you can use the function to remove duplicates from the Task menu.

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