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REQ: Support for word order recognition

Please implement the ability to take the word order into consideration when calculating the match rate and when showing the differences on the TM pane.

Example: Matching type = fuzzy

I think this is crucial.

I've had lots of fun with this too :). It's indeed quite dangerous (or crucial as you put it, but, hey, I'm always a touch more dramatic).

Actually, CafeTran's already taking this word order into account, by lowering the match with 1 %. The other percent's probably because of different case.

I guess that what you're missing here, is a very clear colour marking of the differences: 'the client'/'Client' and the other one.

At least, I'd appreciate such a colour marking.

Thank you for a good interpretation.

No, the match rate is not the problem (unless it is a false 100%). "More accurate" difference highlighting as a warning device is what I wan to request.

On a second thought, the match rate for this instance is very dangerous and misleading because a "98% fuzzy match" with "a highlighted difference of only one word" is very plausible and could be taken as indicating that everything is Okay (identical) except for the highlighted word.


I would have changed only the translation for the highlighted word and proceeded if I wasn't careful enough.

This is a matter of confidence, not of convenience. I don't wanna be careful or skeptical in this respect. It's a waste of time and energy.



I dare to give an example from memoQ.

I don't think this is only one of many product differentiations.


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