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REQ: Better support for memoQ TMX

I'd like to request better support for memoQ TMX. When I use a Studio TM, formatting for bold, italics, underlined, superscript and subscript is nicely applied to the Target segment pane (tags representing this formatting are automatically inserted, at the correct position):

When I use a memoQ TM, no tags are inserted. Instead, disturbing {} are inserted (as M pointed out too), that indeed can be filtered out (as I pointed out), but that's not the aim of the game, is it:

(469 KB)

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Yes, it's nice if CT can automatically convert those "tags within the tags" into equivalents of its own.


Please also note that CafeTran defines the match with the curly brackets as an exact match, though it contains extra readable characters and is missing formatting info.

I'd not say that it's nice if this would get fixed but call it crucial. If I get a project with 10,000 words and I apply the client's memoQ TM on it to get a quote, if I get 85 % pseudo EMs like this I won't be able to sit in my garden at 14:00 PM already.

CT already has the ability to filter out these tags (i.e., it can catch them). So, it shouldn't be very difficult to implement a feature to replace them with CT-compatible tag codes.


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