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Plunet portals and Mac compatibility

I'm having doubts about the compatibility of Plunet portals with Macs. Via Apple Mail or Airmail I get job offers containing a link, but when I click on the embedded link, nothing happens. 

Instead, I have to fire up Parallels, Windows, log in to Google Apps and then I can click on the link to open it in Internet Explorer. Quite a lot of steps to take.

I'd be interested in the experiences of other Mac users with Plunet portals.

(Needless to say that I've already contacted Plunet to tell them about my experiences. They told me that everything should work. I agree with that. It should.)

No problem here with Plunet on my Mac (and Firefox as my main browser).


And do you get links to jobs in your mail client too and can you click on them and will this bring you to the job in question? This is where it goes wrong for me.

Yes Hans, I click on the links in my mail client and it goes right to the job (after login).


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