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Virtual monolingual corpus (like memoQ)

You may already have discovered this, but ... as a memo:

1. Open a monolingual file.

2. Do Task > Transfer source segments to target segments.

3. Do Memory > Import > Import segments from project, and save.

4. Open the TM.

     As you wish, you can:
  1. Set it as Read-only (light load).
  2. Set it as "Manual" integration type if you don't want it to be automatically searched every time you go to the next segment.
  3. Right-click on the TM pane and select "Keep out of auto-assembling" if you want this TM to be automatically searched, but don't want matches from it to be automatically included in either the AA result or as auto-completion suggestions.

Then, this TM can be used virtually as a memoQ LiveDocs.

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