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Removing <html> tags in clipboard workflow

The clipboard work flow is wonderful for the jobs I do that require me to translate through an online interface, but when I go back to paste the content in the original app Cafetran adds tags to the content () and I have to manually delete them. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks.


Please go Edit > Preferences > Workflow tab  and uncheck Keep formatting at export via clipboard. The formatting html tags should be removed although I am not sure if it helps you with all the html tags that you have in the target segment. Just give it a try.


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Thanks Igor, that did the trick.I had tried all of the tag options but I had not seen that option. 

Woorden, I'm not sure what you mean, I'm translating through an online interface that has a built in editor, I'm not editing the html file, just submitting my translation. 

Anyway, thanks for making such a poweful and simple to use CAT tool!!! Before this I had used clipboard managers to store as many translated segments as I could to paste them when needed, having a tm tool is MUCH easier!

srn: I'm translating through an online interface

That makes all the difference.


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