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Removing formatting tags from source text?

In a few instances, CafeTran is taking an apostrophe, and giving it formatting codes.  Since there is no such possessive in Spanish, I am unable to move along to the next segment without CT telling me to go and add my formatting. I suppose I can just enter the formatting around an empty space, but is there any method of removing the tag from the source segment?


I may not be understanding your needs correctly .... but

If you want CT to ignore all tags in the source segment when you move to the next segment (i.e., No missing tag warning), please select Action > Tags > Automatic transfer of remaining tags.

Have a good day!

How are you inserting this apostrophe, via the Spanish keyboard layout? What Unicode character does it show? 

Perhaps your taking the apostrophe from a different font, which would explain the tag (font switching)?

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