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MINOR BUG: Missing header in ODT and missing spaces

I'm just translating an ODT file using CT, and the header is not present in CT.

In addition quite a few spaces in the source text are replaced with tags - I assumed they were non-breaking spaces, but that's not the case. The document is badly formatted in general, so there may well be spurious tags in there, but I don't know why this has caused the spaces to go missing.

On a related point, the thing I dislike most about CT at present is the fact that it treats non-breaking spaces in Word docs (and probably others) as tags, Please change this behavior.

non-breaking spaces are displayed as such here

Now I think about it, I'm not 100% certain that I've actually checked this on Word documents, I may just have assumed that that's what was going on.
Haven't got time to check it now (but I will do when I have), but either way, either non-breaking spaces are treated as tags or the missing spaces problem described above is not restricted to ODT files.


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