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Fuctionality equivalent to memoQ's LiveDocs

 Is it possible for CT to implement this feature?

  1. Extract frequent terms from monolingual documents saved in a specific folder (equivalent feature is already implemented; but no option for user-defined settings like the minimum length of characters to be extracted)
  2. Make "guesses" from bilingual documents (equivalent feature is already in place)
  3. Create corpora from them
  4. Include them in suggestions (preferably marked differently in one way or another as I've been asking on so many occasions)
  5. And provide an option to disable this?

To me, the translating process is, after all, a learning process from available documents, whether monolingual or bilingual.



For example:
  1. Saving extracted terms/phrases from bilingual documents as a TM that is not shown on CT, but works in the background as one that's kept out of AA, but is displayed on the suggestion panel (differently marked, of course).
  2. Extractions from monolingual documents would be shown based on similarity to just typed words (preferably "similarity" should be user-controllable).

Have a good day!

Please forget about this topic. I think I have to reorganize my ideas ...


Perhaps you can do something with Spotlight's indexing and the Desktop Search Tool command line?


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