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CafeTran project templates

I'd like to start a discussion about project templates in CafeTran. What are your wishes, needs etc.?

I'll kick off. Please add your comments and suggestions.

  • Templates can be related to the way you organise your projects and resources on your computer (client-based, subject-based etc.).
  • Templates aim to reduce the number of clicks to configure follow-up projects.
  • Most of us deal with a limited number of source and target languages.
  • Templates could include billing information (price per word, invoice templates etc.).
  • Templates could be containers that organise projects on your computer, including resources, invoices etc., making it easy to back up these data.
  • Templates could include links to resources like TMs (priorities, read-only etc.), glossaries, web resources, including their location on your screen(s).
  • Templates can allow you to link client names to file formats (for client A, I always translate Transit files, from D to NL).
  • Templates can have logbook features: when was the last time that I optimised my glossary for this client, when did I translate the last project? Where there any special instructions to consider ("Please no longer use the word 'espresso', use 'latte' instead.")?
I realise that some of the suggestions aren't usually associated with templates. So perhaps the word 'template' shouldn't be used (but instead, for instance 'container').

What would you like to use these templates/containers for?

Templates? What a ridiculous idea.


  • Creating an extract from the Total Recall database, based on the selected properties for Client and Subject
  • Cloning of templates
  • Changing cloned templates (language swapping, removing subjects etc.)
  • Creating folder structures, including dates (several notations, like 20160522)
  • Zip/Unzip feature

  • Export path
  • Import path
  • PDF path

This sounds very interesting & cool. In the end it could result to a kind of "create translation packages for colleagues" with TMs, Total recall extracts and TBs, and I do not think this is so odd.

But no invoicing, please. There are so many solutions and tools offering a supplementary invoicing option (including memoQ with its LT). I think most users have a good or near to perfect invoicing solution (personally I'D recommend GrandTotal for Mac or TO3000 for Windows users), and even with only an interface it will be nearly impossible to interact with them all (if there is not any related standard).

>But no invoicing, please.

Igor will be glad to hear that :).

Probably every user calculates differently, but perhaps other users would like a secondary field for word price of Translated segments too?

Come to think of it: I should probably have written: 

  • Templates could include statistics information (price per word).
The actual invoicing will likely take place in a separate tool. But it's always nice to see, what you're earning. A secondary word price for pre-translated words (e.g. 30 % of the price for new words) would be nice, allowing a more realistic view on your daily earnings ;).

If only I would get full word price for pre-translated words ;).

  • Client-related custom spelling dictionaries (automatically loaded when a new client project is created)
  • Client-related custom non-translatables

But there should be the possibility to differentiate those from (or to unify them with) the general custom spelling dictionaries and the general non-translatables.

Project templates have been on my wish-list (you could almost make that demand-list with a single item, templates) since forever. Igor's answer to it was that "templates are quite complicated to code." If Igor calls something "quite complicated," it's probably friggin' impossible. Anyway, he solved part of the problem by including settings in the TMs themselves, by making it easy to select TMs (in the Menu and the DashBoard), and in a number of cases to recognise the language combination. Apart from re-using project files, that is. I'd still prefer templates, but I can live without them. Including "other file formats" (by now everybody should know what I mean...) is even more difficult, because they lack structured meta-data. Including them would require a Wizard rather than a template. Unless you'd want to create dozens of templates.


>But there should be the possibility to differentiate those from (or to unify them with) the general custom spelling dictionaries and the general non-translatables.

Indeed. There could be some dialogue box with checkboxes.

As a matter of fact I like this idea of separate spelling dictionaries and non-translatables lists so much, that I'd even welcome it in the Welcome screen. Though this may clutter this screen, of course.

Currently I'm very economic with my non-translatables, because the loading of the project is slowed down when I have a long list. Client-based non-translatables would provide a solution.

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