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From Parallels to TeamViewer


Just a few lines to share a recent experience...

After a few years of translation and frustration(s) with Parallels Desktop, I decided to give a serious try to TeamViewer, bought a NUC (NUC5i3RYH) with 8 Go of RAM, an 128 GB SSD (M.2 card) and an old 2.5" HDD (500 GB). Then I installed Windows 8.1 on the NUC, and once everything was fine I plugged it "naked" (no mouse, no keyboard, no monitor) to the router with an Ethernet cable.

This naked NUC is accessed from the MacBook with TeamViewer, installed in LAN mode so I don't have to connect to the TeamViewer's server. It's faster and probably safer.

The connection (reaction time) is quite fast, with only a very short lag on the screen when I type on the keyboard. I tested with a few Trados jobs and it was fine. The keyboard is easier to use (configure) than with Parallels Desktop (at least in my case), and I do not encounter the keyboard conflicts that I have (had) with Parallels, mainly for keyboard shortcuts. (I mean that I can use most of my Mac shortcuts even within Windows).

After a few days of tests I uninstalled Parallels and MsOffice for Mac on the MacBook. Now for most jobs I use the MacBook itself (CT jobs, mail, Firefox and so on) on Desk 1, and when I really need SDL Trados I just switch to Desk 2, where the NUC (Windows) is always on and ready to use with TeamViewer.

And finally, I use FreeFileSync with a few batch jobs linked to keyboard shortcuts to synchronize my folders between the MacBook and the NUC (I don't use Icloud Drive, One Drive and/or Dropbox anymore).

One last thing: Windows 8 was free. I got it from my son, who as a  Senior High School student has access to Microsoft's DreamSpark...

Hope this helps... or inspire

For a couple of years, before I discovered CT, I connected to a Windows device using... Microsoft Remote Desktop. Free, as in "free beer."


Hi Woorden,

MRD didn't work for me (I tried many times from Mac and Linux). So I use TeamViewer (free for personal use), which improved a lot since I first tried it a few years ago.
Thank you, your kind reply made me try one more time Remote Destop Client on Mac... works like a charm :-)


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Aaaargh, then I guess I'll just have to wait for the policemen to come. Or to install Windows on my son's PC instead of mine and connect to it with RDC, not TeamViewer. ;-)

By the way I bought Windows 10 two years ago, installed it on VirtualBox. It didn't work as expected, so I deleted the virtual disc, downloaded Parallels and tried to install Windows (with my legal disc bought in a legal store with real money). No luck, it was a one-time installation... flushed forever with my VirtualBox virtual file.

Microsoft will only act when you have about 1,000 sons installed.

I guess that the next step in this would be that Igor runs a CafeTran server version on his desktop in Kolobrzeg and we would be logging into this from our iPads etc.

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