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Exclude a section of a Word doc?

Is there a simple way to exclude a section of a Word doc? Google says make the text hidden before importing, but I'm not crazy about the option, as it's too easy to forget to unhide later - I'd rather highlight or (use a custom style like DO_NOT_TRANSLATE).

This post by Igor from a couple of years ago states "The above functions make it possible to filter out any group of segments based on any criteria, present these segments for translation or exclude from translation.", but I can't find the option to exclude from translation. Is this still possible??



It is very easy to unhide all hidden text with this:

"Unhide everything: use this option after the translated document is generated to unhide all the text in the document."

Not necessarily what you were looking for (and Windows-only), but just thought I'd mention it!


Hi Michael,
thanks, funnily enough I was just looking at translator tools, spurred on by a discussion I came across when searching for the above.
But you don't need translator tools to unhide all hidden text - Ctrl+A, Ctrl+Shift+H, Ctrl+Shift+H (on my version at least) will do that.
But this will cause problems if the document should happen to include some intentionally hidden text (admittedly rare, but nonetheless).


Hi Jeremy,

You can hide the text or use a custom style called "tw4winExternal". CafeTran recognizes it as a text to be excluded from importing. Or highlight in Word the text to be translated and use Filter > Segments with highlight color.


Hi Igor,

thanks for the above, but just to clarify, I'm aware of the 'Filters > Segments with highlight color' menu option, but my question was more about how to then exclude these segments from translation. Is there a way to do this?



Is there a way to do this?

1. Filter > Segments with highlight color.

2. Task > Set checked status for target segments.

3. Filter > Unchecked segments.

Perfect! Thanks!!


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