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 I'm recently very much afraid of the possible tragedy of a seemingly one-man's business.

There seems to be so many hidden secrets that only one person knows.

Oh, Nature calls me. I'm gonna flush this fear of mine down the toilet.

What are you saying and what are you afraid of, Masato?

Indeed, this here, I assume.

Dear Torsten,

Thank you for introducing me to a nice site:

>> Several ways to increase the bus factor (thus making the project more resilient) have been proposed:

  1. Reduce complexity
  2. Document all processes and keep that documentation up-to-date
  3. Encourage cross-training

So, how's #3 related?

And, BTW, I think that there's a more important aspect: Java, the host OS'ses and their support for Java are constantly changing. So what good would 1 to 3 do, if no one would update CafeTran to the latest Java and OS requirements, which I figure to be pretty much a day job.

The good thing is that all of CafeTran's resources are standardised formats. If really everything goes wrong, you can take your resources and move on. Your next CAT tool will probably not be as advanced as CafeTran, but you can keep working.

Ask Michael, he uses a different CAT tool every week  :).

No worry about continuity as I jog and have only one or two common colds a year. And in case of an asteroid, the source code is available for other developers.


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