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Working with memoq projects in CafeTran?

Are there any videos or step-by-step instruction regarding working with memoq projects?

So far, all I managed to do was to export a bilingual memoQ XLIFF and a tmx file. Tried to create a new project in CT with them. But I have no idea how to export an edited Xliff back to memoQ, or whether this is even possible.

Thanks in advance.

The exact way you proceed depends on whether you’re working on a local memoQ project set up by yourself, or on a server memoQ project set up by your client.

For a local project, just export to MQXLIFF and import back. memoQ will "recognize" the XLIFF file as matching with the document from which it was exported, and will update it:

For a server project, you also export to MQXLIFF, but you reimport via Import > Update from bilingual:

Note that what you can and cannot do on a server project may depend on how the project was set up for you on the server. The above workflow works for me with this particular client, but it’s quite possible another client could have make it more restrictive.

I’ve never tested it with CafeTran, but as long as it keeps the MQXLIFF as they were, I think it should work.   

>I’ve never tested it with CafeTran, but as long as it keeps the MQXLIFF as they were, I think it should work.  

I've tested thousands of MQXLIFF files now. No problems at all. As a matter of fact it looks like the MQXLIFF file format is easier to support. For instance: I can work from segment 1 to 272728 and no single segment will be skipped, whereas in SDLXLIFF I always have some remaining segments that I have to catch at the end of the project by filtering on Untranslated.

I seem to have managed to transfer the MQZLIFF file from memoQ to CafeTran and back again.
I partly translated the file in CafeTran and then imported it back into memoQ. All the translated segments were there, but I had to confirm them in memoQ as if it I had imported a bilingual proofread file. Is this how it is supposed to be?
But I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the TM. Am I supposed to export this from CafeTran and then import to memoQ, and how?


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