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I'd like to request the restoration of the wiki, but as a proper wiki, which we can all update. The knowledge base is fine (there should be a conspicuous link to it from the main forums page BTW - I'd forgotten it exists), but remains very spartan. Some of the forum conversations (particularly in tips and tricks) could very usefully be summarised (and gradually improved) as wiki articles, making their content much more accessible for new users.

I think turnover should be low, so admins shouldn't face a significant workload.


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I will only accept documentation written by Igor, or documentation explicitly approved by Igor.


Is there any Dutch word for Kindergarten?

There is, and it's not necessarily equivalent to quality. But then again, you may not know.


And yes, I would approve the restoration of the wiki, it was chaotic, but a wonderful kind of encyclopedia to read, much less spartan and sterile than the KB. To calm down any other users, you may put the header „unofficial“.

Torsten: you may put the header „unofficial“.

I have no problems with that.


Jeremy: I'd like to request the restoration of the wiki, but as a proper wiki, which we can all update

Ok, let's go from there.

That wasn't the case. The Wiki wasn't a Wiki at all. It was a private initiative which I would most certainly applaud if it wasn't so friggin' bad.

The knowledge base is fine... but remains very spartan

That's Igor, and I can assure you he surpassed himself. Previous efforts were even more spartan.

Some of the forum conversations could very usefully be summarised 

That's exactly what I did some time ago. I provided a summary of what I thought was important. No response. So F you all.


I second the idea of an editable wiki and would contribute if set up. Many valuable info already present in the forum, the kb articles, the old and new hans wiki, and in Japanese if I'm not mistaken, all could be used to improve the step from new to power user and fully enjoy CTs features. Software development may be a one man job, but a thriving community can build up on its already engaged users.

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Moi: That's exactly what I did some time ago.

On 03-06-2015, in a posting called Bits and Pieces (long). It seems I can't link to it, but I saved it as

Since nobody ever responded to it, I will not convert it to a format non-Mac users can read.


Thanks, easily converted to docx through

I've found it useful, especially the explanations on the preferences related to Memory and how they affect AA etc..

I was rather hoping for some input from Igor on this, as he's the only one who can set this up on the CafeTran site.
Given that documentation is currently the big minus point for CT, I'm keen to see this happen as I want CT to thrive. So if Igor's not interested then, if there were enough interest and with Igor's consent (since without a link from the forums it would surely die), we could set one up independently.
Would anyone be interested in that possibility?


For the first few years of CafeTan's development I was almost entirely focused on coding. Then CafeTran developed so rapidly that it was impossible to freeze it with the proper documentation. Programming is still my main area of activity apart from giving a technical support here via tickets and e-mails sent to me directly. Increasingly, I can also find more time to write articles and record videos in the Knowledge Base. If anyone wishes to contribute an article, that is okay but it would need to be reviewed before publishing it in the Knowledge Base. I also welcome any external sites, blogs and articles on CafeTran to link from this forum site. Please take a look here for the already existing links.


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