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Ergonomics one step further

CafeTran's ergonomics are legendary ...

Just have a look at the F/R dialogue box, the semi-automatic correction of trailing punctuation marks and spaces, the smart case adjustment via Ctrl+= that identifies the first letter in a segment, ignoring all leading spaces and numbers, the ultra smart drag en drop of text.

Enough praise! Can we try to push CafeTran's ergonomics even one step further?

E.g. by automatically adapting the trailing punctuation character from a match to the one used in the source segment?

So, if this is the match:

And this is the inserted match:

CafeTran should notice the difference and take action.

(same for leading characters and spaces)

And the other way around:

Inserted as:

I support this so long as it is provided as an option. My language pairs do not share the same punctuation characters.

This is a very old problem, mentioned time and again, and it doesn't only concern punctuation, but also capitalisation. And to add insult to injury, even if there's a hit with the correct punctuation and capitalisation, it can - and therefore will - go wrong, probably because CT ignores those two factors, and picks the latest match from your TM. I think Igor would have done something about it, if he could. I can live with it, as long as those matches arend Skipped/Jumped Over.


As another approach I'd like to bring to your attention a suggestion to add an input box in Prefs 'Punctuation marks for removal'.

Here the user can insert all "!?/\' etc. that he wants to remove from the target.

So, as an addition to Characters for removal, with a separate keyboard shortcut.

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