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memoQ packages

Currently, CafeTran handles mqxliff files perfectly. Recently, clients started sending me memoQ packages. I can of course extract the mqxliff to translate in CafeTran. And any included TMX file for use as a reference TM. But at the end, I'll have to deliver a memoQ return package. So here's my question: how big is the demand to let CafeTran handle memoQ packages the same way as it handles Studio packages, that is: seemless?

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Of course. But note that there several flavors of packages... and a connection to memoQ server/LT TMs would be great.

>and a connection to memoQ server/LT TMs would be great

For some reason, I expect that Kilgray won't support that :).

Of course being able to work seamlessly with MemoQ packages would be great - would have to be seamless and documented though.

Today, STAR released a service package for Transit:


▲  ImprovememoQpretranslationsusingyourowntranslationmemory

▲  UseinternalrepetitionsmodeforinternalrepetitionsinmemoQprojects

▲  Benefitfromtried-and-testedTransitfunctionsevenwhenworkingonmemoQ projects

▲  DeliverthetranslationasamemoQhandbackpackage 

Transit seems so superior that they do not need spaces any more.

They already have offices all over the world so they'll probably don't need any extra space indeed.

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