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 I'm engrossed with DN: double negation.

How can I define what CT is all about?

Given that it is obviously a late comer in the market, should I define it as a tool (?) that is not like any of the others?

A dirty old man once said: the subject "I" can only be defined as (an or THE) elusive movement that is not like any of the other seemingly substantial beings which we tend to call "not I."

Does it mean that I am I because I am not you? Or you are not I because you are not I?

And, how the development of CT started? As I or as not I?

Have a good day!

Why and to whom would you like to define our pet tool? For instance, if you want to define it to colleagues, you could define it in terms of user friendliness and productivity boosting. I know, that's a description rather than a definition---but it touches the core of our tool.

Ergonomics, that's the word I should have used. CafeTran's all about ergonomics. One big Target segment pane right in front of my eyes, hi-res, all supporting sources of info neatly arranged around this focus of my attention. A real pleasure to work with. FUN, with a big

I'm now playing with memoQ, and I see no significant differences in functionality, at least when Japanese is involved (you may have a different opinion, though).

But, yes, ergonomics is exactly where CT stands out. All those features you mentioned are what I want to repeat "loudly." You may have already noticed that many of my requests about CT relate to accessibility (or viewability or visual cautionary devices).

Yet, there is a bottleneck in my workflow: movement from the Match bar to the glossaries is not smooth.

A very frequent part of my workflow is:
Step 1: Check the Match Bar for the most appropriate translation.
Step 2: As needed, check on that entry in the glossary for any additional or useful information recorded as a note etc.

I think this is a very natural process for every translator. But, mainly because all synonyms on both sides are displayed and partly because the Match Bar does not show matches in order of appearance, this part of my workflow is not smooth and is sometimes painful (especially when Japanese is the source language).


Anyway, ergonomics is very very important.

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