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Q: Regexes


I'm going to learn about the regexes, and I want to know where in CT I can use them.

I think I can use them in:

  1. Tab del glossary (source-side only?)
  2. Replace punctuation characters (Edit > Preferences > Auto-assembling)
  3. Find and Replace panel

And anywhere else?


The real-time regex checker is very cool. Thank you.


Okay, I'd suggest you consult (buy the PDF version, because you're going to need it all the time), and pay special attention to the Java flavour. Use to test your regexes extensively. There's even an app version you can download for free.



Thank you, Mr. navigator!


Masato: I didn't expect that this is such a big theme

I think it is, because a lot of attention has been paid to it previously, and regexes are both useful and powerful, and dangerous.


 >> A question worth an extensive KB entry

I didn't expect that this is such a big theme. But, anyway, I hope to discover those things one by one.


Masato: I want to know where in CT I can use them

A question worth an extensive KB entry, and not only where, but

  • Where
  • When
  • How

Many input fields in Preferences
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