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REQUEST: Merge segments in SDL projects

I'd like the ability to merge segments in SDL projects. I'm currently translating a project where the segmentation as provided by the customer is very inconsistent and frequently inappropriate, and it would be very helpful to be able to merge segments just as you can in Studio (and as you can in standalone projects in CafeTran). In particular this would allow me to propagate corrections more easily.

So I'd like to request this feature. My suspicion is that it shouldn't be hard to implement. (But that's easy for me to say.)



P.S. Any SDL/CafeTran experts out there, I'd also appreciate your input on this thread if you have a minute:

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I also would like to request the segment merging/splitting capability. It's really necessary.

P.S. I'm also looking for a solution on the topic linked above.

I'm not sure whether all Studio projects can be merged in Studio itself. And I doubt that it's easy to implement the merging of segments in Studio projects in CafeTran. I even think it's very complicated. Perhaps it's easier to implement virtual joining (and splitting?), perhaps with automatic resegmenting for following segments (like it has been implemented for abbreviations). The easiest solution, however, would be to have the client pre-segment the Studio project correctly. If this isn't possible, you can do it yourself: In Sudio, choose Copy all Sources to Target, then choose Save target as, to create a target file that's identical to the original source. Create a new priject, with the correct segmentation settings and import the target as a new source. Note that you'll have to create an SDLPPX in CafeTran and send this new project to your client, who will be very surprised. So it's probably best to try to convince him or her that he or she should send you a properly segmented project right away. You can mention to him that his or her revenue will probably increase.
"try to convince him or her that he or she should send you a properly segmented project"
Ah Hans, what a wonderful world you must live in!

As for implementing merging, Studio's rules for when you can and can't merge segments can't be that obscure. (Isn't the only criteria that they are in the same paragraph, i.e. not separated by a hard line break?)
Virtual merging sounds initially appealing, but CT would still need to know where to split the target segment for the xliff, which kind of defeats the object.


Thank you, I am. The virtual glueing would be reflected in the TM only. What's TE source file format of the Studio project?

Is virtual joining (merging) in Studio projects possible now?

Yes, it is possible.

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Dear Sir, please remind me how it’s done. Enlighten me :)

Via the the Join segments button in the target segment toolbar.

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