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Importing proofread bilingual document

 I am new to CafeTran and am used to working with memoQ.

I have started a project in CT and have exported a bilingual document for proofreading, like I used to in memoQ. I have made some changes and now I want to import the document back into CT to update the TM and export the final product.

Is this possible in CT or do I need to change my way of working?


(I promise that I will try to find the time to watch some video tutorial instead of keep asking questions...)

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I found it! (Project > Export > Import bilingual document)


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In Windows, you must click on the Start button when you want to shut it down. In CT, you must select the Export menu option when you want to import. This is called intuitive design ;-)

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That's why I suggested to rename it to Share
Or Exchange
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