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New segment status: Don't propagate

I know that you can switch the two propagations off but I think it would be more productive to have a special segment status: don't propagate this particular segment.

I quite regularly have the situation where an identical segment is translated 99 % the same way (e.g. in key labels, menu titles) and occasionally in a a different way (e.g. in a chapter title).

I think other CAT tools handle this via the paragraph attribute?

Opening the menu

  • Click on Opening the menu
  • The screen Opening te menu is displayed
Fig. 1: Opening the menu


I'm also interested in how we can avoid inadvertent auto-propagation.

Now, we have the option to disable "Auto-propagation to other segments" if we want to limit this translation to the current segment; and enable "Auto-propagation to current segment" if we want to see, in the current segment, the same previous translation in the current project, whether or not for reference purposes only.


>> I think other CAT tools handle this via the paragraph attribute?

Would you teach me what you have in mind?



>> I think other CAT tools handle this via the paragraph attribute?

E.g. in Studio you can see the type of a paragraph in a special column: chapter title etc. So this attribute is available in the segment properties.

Perhaps this should be refined to: Do not propagate backwards.

Example: in segment #2 I translated:

siehe Kapitel 1

here Kapitel is clearly a chapter

in segment 560, 562 and 563 I have to translate:

siehe Kapitel 11.1

siehe Kapitel 11.2

siehe Kapitel 11.3

here Kapitel is clearly a subchapter

The translation has already incorrectly been auto propagated from segment #2, I can now disable the backwards propagation, but for this I have to go into the prefs, which is a little awkward, but more important: I only want this backward propagation disabled for these 3 segments, not for the whole project

Did anyone find a work around for this problem? 

You can stop backward propagation via activating Edit > Preferences > Auto-propagation tab > Auto-propagation forward only option.

You can disable Auto-propagation for a specific segment via right-clicking at the source segment editor and unchecking Auto-propagation checkbox. For non-CafeTran projects, this option works for the current session only.

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