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How about this?

 I just came up with this idea:

Double-clicking on a term in the source segment pane would automatically display the Match Bar selection panel, including all entries beginning with that term (e.g, when you DC on "this," then you will see "this," "this contract," and so on).

Just a coffee talk.


It's a little bit stormy here, today

Possible interference with normal selection of a source word, e.g. to add it to a glossary? Perhaps it's better to use triple-clicking or clicking plus keyboard shortcut? But the basic idea is nice. 1 vote!

Hi, Hans

Thank you for always being attentive to me.

Yes, triple-clicking should be better.


When I'm talking about this kind of issue, I always have in mind translation projects from Japanese. When the source language is English, CT already provides good access; or more precisely, the Match Bar index (alphabetical) is orderly, and is seldom perplexing.

But the situation is totally different for Japanese as the source language because there is virtually no such concept as alphabet.

If you are interested, you may be able to simulate my situation with your resources by setting your TM to "fuzzy without word separator" and add a white space in "Do not match."


>> Yes, triple-clicking should be better.

Or maybe, shift + selection (with cursor) ("shift" just because it's on both sides of the keyboard)


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