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TANSTAAFL: Studio 2016

Just had my lunch here, it's around the corner of our offices. Not bad for a lunch, but for the real work, I prefer CafeTran every day.

I'm really amazed at the amount of energy you're putting into hating this stuff


I don't hate it. I'm just happy that I can use a better alternative. If I had to use Studio, the. I'd probably hate it. Now I can just ignore it.

Hate is negative energy. I prefer to focus on positive energy, Masato.

I agree. Negative energy corrodes the precious quality of our existence.


But how about you coming over here and have a free lunch at STUDIO's?

Hoping that CT will bring me enough savings for me and my wife, possibly, my sons to visit your country, and you.


Well, that'd be nice and of course the lunch would be free ;).
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