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Screen glitches

I have a rather strange problem.

I just bought a new 1440p monitor that operates at 144 Hz refresh rate. I have the hardware to support this operation.

I prefer to work with CafeTran on the right side and the left side divided in half between source file on top and a movie or something on the bottom.

When the autotype menu displays as I type something, it causes weird flickers, lines to streak, or sometimes screen tears to occur on the left side of the screen. 

It even caused the entire PC to freeze once today.

I suspect it has something to do with Java itself, not CafeTran or Windows, but I am not a programmer.

Hope you can provide some insight.

Correction, the line is a white line that goes completely across the screen that passes over the top edge of the auto type menu that appears in the editor as I am typing my translation.

Do you have a second monitor to connect? You could try what happens when you position the source text and the movie or something on the left screen.

Yeah, it doesn't happen as much or not at all when there is video playback or animation occurring on this non-CafeTran area of the monitor. So, if the video is paused or moved to the other monitor, then yes, it does not happen as much or not at all.

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