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Still <br> appears

Sometimes, I still see the <br> characters on the glossary pane.

This entry (automatically duplicated; I don't know why) was created a few days ago with a text editor and added to CT's glossary via clipboard. As long as I remember, the sentences in the note (coverage ...; it provides ...) were pasted from a web source.

Entries created natively with CT are Okay.

I've seen this duplicate display too. Cannot remember what caused it.

I'm trying to remove it. I copy-pasted it to a new text file, deleted the old one, and pasted it back to the glossary, but this does not solve the issue. Possibly, the whole entry line contains some invisible code (concurrently taken in from the web source) that cannot be removed by this simple copy-pasting.


At the moment, the only solution is to delete such an entry and add a completely new one from CT.

Additional information.

On the other Mac of mine (with CT build 20160411), this issue is not observed, everything is Okay. The problem one has the latest build of CT (20160422). Though I'm not sure this is of any relevance.

* Just to check, I restarted the troubled CT, and the issue did not recur. A temporary malfunction?


Hi Masato,

It looks like the Web entry copied into the glossary via the external text editor contains html codes such as <br>, and you did not notice it or your text editor does not display the codes. Just a guess.


This issue is still recurring to a glossary entry that is not copied from any other sources. But it's not occurring always. A big puzzle.


I just confirmed "when" this issue arises. I will submit a support ticket.


Wow, that's rather mysterious

The <br> issue appears when the glossary contains synonyms and it is set to search all the fields. It will be fixed for the coming update.


Thank you!


Britney Spears?

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