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Q: Subject field


I'm wondering how to use the Subject field in the glossary.

The down arrow should mean selectable listing, so I entered something in this field, but it does not appear afterwards on this pane as a selectable subject.

I'm considering using this field as reliability rating such as ☆, ☆☆, ☆☆☆.

How can I activate this field?


If there isn't already one, create a plain text file without a txt extension, called "subjects" and one called "clients" in "cafetran/resources/subjects - clients" folder


To populate the drop-down list, add each entry you want to use in a separate line.

Thank you! This is the type of procedure I've never expected. I will try it.



Oh, I found this bar.

 "List of subjects"

Create a text file containing a list of subjects, and import it. Done. How simple it is now!

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