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translating Office document objects


I have been using cafetran to translate Word and Excel documents successfully but cafetran seems unable to pick data tables and table titles from charts in Excel.

In the following table the two titles

*Iron ore (per metric ton)

*Average oil price (per barrel)

are not picked up by the Cafetran parser as is.

Is there a way around this?


the parser does not seem to take textboxes into acount, or any other Office Word/Excel objects either...

any clues?

[not sure at all] You could try to save the Excel file as .csv, and check if the headers are there. If so, change the extension to .txt, and translate.

Hi Pascale,

For Excel files, CafeTran translates the contents of the cells. It does not translate any embedded objects. As for the charts, I am not sure there is anything to translate there because mostly they contain numerical values as in your screenshot. I don't remember anyone requesting it yet. Anyway, you might create a ticket and attach a sample Excel file with such embedded Excel objects. I will look into it.


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