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Q: Adding a web resource

 I'm having a serious thing.

I want to add a new web resource, but every time I try, CT freezes.

For example: Weblio

On the add-resource panel, I did like this:

When I entered the same address in the "Internet address" field, CT froze again.

What is the cause? Possibly the assigned memory size (now 2GB)?

Any advice is welcome.


I just found that none of the provided links is working, including Bing Translator and so on. CT just freezes. Is it possible that antivirus software or something else on Mac is blocking connection attempts by CT?

I temporarily turned off my antivirus software, but this issue still persists. To add more, MyMemory etc. is working well, so this should not be a communication problem.


Hi Masato,

I have just checked it using Mac Mini, El-Capitan OS and the latest CafeTran and Java update. All works fine.


Thank you for taking time.


After restarting my Mac, CT's Okay now.


CT aborted suddenly after I opened the above-mentioned website (Weblio). Other sites, when opened, do not affect CT.

Is it possible that a certain type of website can cause CT to abort?


>Is it possible that a certain type of website can cause CT to abort?

This is a special request from a certain prime minister.

A few websites can crash Java internal web browser. I had one website issue reported with a popular site. The cause of it turned out to be a popping add on the Linguee site. With each new Java version, the web browser gets better and more resistant to crashes. If you encounter this issue with your configured web resource, please switch to the system browser in the resource info settings and checked it again when the Java 9 is released soon.


Thank you for your clarification.


I would like to add a web resource to those already present as examples, that is LEO FR-DE.

To do this I copied the recource information from the LEO ES-DE ( and pasted it into a new resource just chaning the esde into frde ( but this doesn't work. I get 404 not found error. Can anyone help please.

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