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Slate Desktop on Mac

Hope to start testing Slate Desktop on Mac soon.

Hi, HL

Is the Mac version coming (planned)?


Yes, Tom asked if I'd be interested to do beta testing. Which I am.
A very good news!


Well, let us wait and see :). I still hope that my own AA-optimised glossary (reaching the magical limit of 1 million entries later this year) will yield better results than any MT system, with the same corpus of TMX files fed to it.

 >> my own AA-optimised glossary (reaching the magical limit of 1 million entries later this year)

Amazing. Should be a good model for me.

I noticed that memoQ got a connecto for Slate.
No news from Thailand.

Hi everyone.

Here's some news from Thailand. All (known) bugs are fixed from our release. As you may have heard, we're preparing a major maintenance release version 1.1. We're now experiencing a little bit of requirements creep. We received so many great feature suggestions from early users and we're trying to squeeze them in.

I've been in touch with Igor about a schedule for CafeTran. He's ready to review the work as soon as we send him our code package. We'll do that as soon as we finalize 1.1 because we want to give Igor our full attention/support.

I'm sorry I can't give you an exact date for 1.1, but I'm hopeful it will be out by the end of the month.

Re Mac OS X version, we've done some work and it is high on our priority list after 1.1's release.

Thanks for your patience!


This really sounds good. Can't wait to test Slate D on my iMac monster. With the best CAT tool there is. For me :).

See also this article

Hi Tom,

Any news about a Mac version of Slate?



Hi Hans,

We've been struggling the last 2 months trying to keep up. We've finally caught up. Our major maintenance update is going out now. You'll start seeing the promotions.

We have word from Igor that he'll start looking at the integration when he comes back from vacation later this month (late July?). Now that Jeroen (our engineer) is done with the major overhaul, he's also taking a short vacation. That involves a permanent repatriation to Holland. Thailand has lots its luster for many expats. So, I think he and Igor will re-emerge from vacations at about the same time.

With partners like Igor working on connection integration, Jeroen's first priority is supporting them. The good news is, that should be part-time for him. Parallel to that support, he will be working on the MAC OSX version. I've already invested significant time to prepare our installer tool to create the OSX installer. So, we're ahead of the game there. 

I think we're looking at late August or early September for first testing.

Best regards,


Thailand, Tom? I thought you were located in SIN, near Changi... H.
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