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Question/Request on auto-copying selected text to target pane

I'd like a button on the top bar to turn on/off the feature whereby text selected from the project segments grid or resources is automatically copied to the target pane.

Whilst this can be a useful feature, it can also be incredibly dangerous (especially when you're trying to click on a segment number to select that segment and some slight movement of the mouse results in it selecting and inserting part of the number instead, overwriting any highlighted target text).

I would therefore like to be able to easily disable it during proofreading.

On a related point, re. my parenthesis above, can I suggest it be disabled for the numbers in the project segments grid.

Also a question - is there currently an option for disabling this? I can't find one.

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Hi Amos,

Press the CTRL key when you select the text to stop the auto-copying.


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