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Mail app

OS X (MacOS) is a great OS, but the Apple Mail application isn't necessarily a great mail client.

Last week it stopped displaying the body of many messages. A few days later it started displaying them again, today, perhaps of the heavy rain, it stopped again.

Many threads about this behaviour in the Apple Support forums.

Currently I'm evaluating Postbox and as reliable alternatives, since they don't seem to use the Preview app as a preview application for the message bodies.

Any suggestion for other good, reliable mail clients, are very welcome.

Some years ago, I was using Postbox (still version 3), but as far as I know, they have stopped development, and in the end it's nothing but aa tuned-up Thunderbird client.

Maybe Apple Mail is far from perfect, but I can at least give you some hints

- keep it slim (anything elder than 6 months is going to be archived - dragged into the Finder as a single mail, if very important or archived with MailSteward

- use some extensions:

- Herald saves my concentration, as I can delete, mute or archive any mail with a simple click, without leaving the current app

- MailTags and Mail Act-on are 2 powerful tools (my favorite is the resubmission) that I do not want to miss

The best mail clients I ever had were AK Mail (proud user since the late 90s) and TheBat (but this one did not work well when switching to IMAP about 5  years ago), but they are from Window land.

Anyway, let us know your experience with any other app.

I've bought a license for Airmail. Mainly because of the better integration of the spell checker (in Postbox I had to switch languages manually). And I think that I'm gonna like this nice feature to temporarily hide messages from the Inbox and present them later, at a user defined time:

I must admit this is a nicer and simpler GUI for resubmission than the calendar Mail act-on offers.

Well, let me test this app for a couple of months and come up with a list of shortcomings ;). BTW: Integration of cloud storage is also nice.

Just for the records:

Herald (it's free) really saves much time: 

See above (and yes, one of our spamming colleagues really gets famous now). A small window in the upper right corner of the screen, and you can delete, archive or answer the mail (to name only the most important) with one click. 


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