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Q: Easiest way to trim leading spaces in TM

Especially when I'm asked to work with sdlxliff files, I see many segments beginning with spaces which are inserted as placeholders.

PowerPoint files are full of them.

I'm not bothered while translating, and I don't want to take to time to add the fragment (without those leading spaces) to my TM.

So, after it's over, I'd like to remove all of these unnecessary spaces from my horizon.

Can I do this in the Edit TM workflow? (Now I import it into Studio and export it again (because that tool automatically cuts them off).

Thanks for your advice!

You can use the regular expression \A to indicate segment start and \s+ or perhaps (\s)+ to mark a range of spaces. Then replace by nothing.

Find: \A\s+

Replace: [leave empty]

Tick the checkbox regular expressions

Thank you! I'll try.


And you can use \z for segment end

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