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Adding Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique (GDT) as web resource

Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique ( or is a valuable resource for translators. It categorizes terms by subject field, offers English counterparts for French queries and provides useful indication about officially preferred terms, especially for Canadian French.


Since any live term search gives "" as a URL, one could add the dictionary as a web resource but had to input the query directly in the page and not through the global Search bar in CT.


In case someone wonders how to add the GDT for directly searching terms in CafeTran, he or she can add the following link in "Address start" when adding a web resource:


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Hi idimitriadis,

Nice one. An alternative is Tradooit, where you get the GDT results... and much more.

end: &btn-recherche.x=0&btn-recherche.y=0&langFrom=en&langTo=fr


Tradooit is a great resource indeed! Thanks for adding it for everyone to see.
I use it as a concordancer mostly, although I see it integrates Termium EN-FR dictionary as well, which is perfect (since Termium is slower to load).
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